Currently an analytics consultant and data scientist. Previously worked as Chief Analytics Officer at an IBM partner, Big Data Analyst at a Market Research Multinational and Analytics Consultant at a Governmental Institution. Curious about machine learning, deep learning and connecting academic backgrounds with business methodologies.

Obtained my Master of Science (MSc) in Industrial Engineering (mayor in Operations Research and Statistics) from Universidad de los Andes and my Bachelor of Industrial Engineering from the same university, in Colombia. My master's thesis project was a Methodology to Massively Structure Investment Projects in Research & Development (R & D) to Close the Productivity Gap in Colombia.

I enjoy teaching and writing useful & reusable analytical content in different languages to help others. In the past several years I've become an experienced analytics professional specially in projects involving business decisions.

I'm addicted to surf, to cook, play soccer, play the guitar, getting into philosophical debates, meeting new people, and specially travelling at any given moment.

Born in Neiva (Colombia), moved to Michigan (United States) during my teens, worked in Bogotá (Colombia) during undergrad, crossed the Atlantic to Luzern (Switzerland) and lived there for three months. Lived one year in Salvador (Brasil) where I learned how to surf. Have visited more than 20 countries (mostly backpacking). Speak Spanish, English and Portuguese.


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